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Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm EST
is ohio? well, this is the airport in cleveland and these are the airplanes of governor mitt romney first and vice president joe biden just a few hours ago. we will show you why that state's economy may well determine the outcome of today's election. >>> and this is the dow chart since the president took office, up more than 60% at 13, 260. accident of histly? who knows? start at the new york stock exchange where my partner sue herera is on the post. sue? >> indeed, it is a big day down here on the floor with a triple-digit advance. you know, five of the last six election days, the dow moved less than 1%. obviously, it maybe quite different today. right now the dow jones average is up better than 1% already, up 147 points, almost 148. the s & p up almost 13. the nasdaq up almost 18. bob pisani joins me here on the floor of the new york stock exchange, a decent pop, fairly broad based. an election day lot of commentary floating around, a lot of people pushing positions, much of the commentary is erroneous but that's what moves markets these days. here's what's important, the biggest single
Nov 5, 2012 1:00pm EST
is on. >>> president obama and governor romney, new polling numbers out. what do they show? >> the national numbers show a dead heat race. 48%-47% in the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll. the challenge facing mitt romney is the swing states, battlegrounds. there are nine of them. if you look at the ones where president obama is leading, average all the polls on the website. you see the president of the united states is leading in swing states like ohio, new hampshire, colorado, iowa, nevada, wisconsin, all those are critical. mitt romney's only leading in two of the swing states, we're talking about florida with 29 electoral votes, and north carolina with 15. you add those together to the base states that mitt romney has. that only makes 235 electoral votes. president obama with 303. that doesn't mean mitt romney cannot win. he's very close in some other states. in colorado, for example, in new hampshire, he -- but he's going to have to make up a lot of ground in a lot of places to get there and the last swing state polls we showed showed six. poi
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
obama, 46% for mitt romney. finally new hampshire, the only state in the northeast where mitt romney's a real threat to take away from democrats. president obama's got a 2 percentage point lead, 49-24. in all of these polls, we see that mitt romney is roughly even with the president on the -- who can best manage the economy. on their favorable ratings, mitt romney's has improved, but in each case the lead the president has among women is spllightly larger than the lead mitt romney has among men. simen? >> john, thank you. >>> let's move from sandy and the road to recovery. baby steps i'm afraid still being taken in the city of new york today, including reports that manhattan power may be back online during the course of the weekend. until then, things appear to be getting tense. our senior correspondent scott cohn joins me now from lower manhattan. scott, i just heard firsthand that some residential buildings are now hiring armed guards because of the type of threat that they have faced from people attempting to loot as, of course, the police make those very regular trips during the
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm EST
. is it because some now move their support to romney? is it because the friction of regulations? who knows. either way, there's no jamie dimon here, there's no lloyd blankfein here. there's also no representative of small business. the big labor leaders were here yesterday. the majority of employers in this country are not represented behind those doors today. >> i'm not sure the -- the head of am ex is there. not sure he would be a representative of wall street but it was remarked on here or not floor that there was no major banking interests there at all. you're right to point that out, brian. >> sue, if i could jump in to explain. white house has been asked about this. what they have said to us is that they were looking for consumer facing businesses here. that's why they brought a lot of these guys who sell products to consumers out in the public. they also said this is not going to be the last one of the meetings that they are going to hold, that they will have other executives from other industries in throughout the course of this fiscal cliff conversation. >> consumers can't buy a
Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of view when it comes to the election but those are the numbers right now. >> mr. romney has been pointing out that the unemployment rate is higher -- by .01%. >> you say a war, it misses the whole story, the whole drama. >> john harwood, it feels to me that we're going to spend most of the weekend in spin class, if you will, as both sides try and spin these numbers for their own purposes. >> well, i do think it is a little bit late for spin. i wouldn't -- i agree with steve, i don't think this report is a game changer, positive or negati negative, for the president. we've seen even before the last report when the jobless rate went down below 8% to 7.8%, it did not move the needle very much in terms of the presidential race. our country is very polarized. 90% of the people have already made up their mind who they are going to vote for. the idea we are recovering economically but very slowly in a manner in which there are millions of people still looking for jobs is baked in to everybody's expectations. i think this gives the president a grace note to close his campaign on, not likely to ma
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm EST
. >>> the stock market's off 274 points on the dow jones industrial average. bonds were backing mr. romney -- or mr. obama. stocks were backing mr. romney. the bond traders obviously won. and we just had a key 10-year auction just minutes ago with yields dropping on the 10-year. we're going to head to the chicago pits for reaction. >>> as we head out, a look at some of the most widely held and how they're trading in the sell-off. we have a significant percentage decline in microsoft which is off 2.25%. at&t which is off 2.33%. back in a moment. >>> well, the bond market obviously has been the harbinger today of where a lot of the cash is going to go and the 30-year bond we've seen a yield of 2.81%. the 10-year yield dropping to 1.625%. the 10-year is significant because we had a 10-year note auction just a few minutes ago. $24 billion. jim yurio track being the action at the cme. was that in line with what you were expecting, jim? >> it was. we would expect there to be a thirst for bonds today and there was. they can't get enough of them. a little historical fit bid. on the mon 10-year yie
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6